Saturday 22 August 2009

Vote For Fizza

Fizza Abdulrasul has entered her latest painting protesting against shark fin soup - Cruelty Does Not Have A Limit (2009) - into the Saatchi Gallery's Showdown competition (CLICK). Voting for this round is from 7 to 14 September. Saatchi's previously boring home page has been tarted up with an excellent Adobe Flash Player routine which blends famous female portraits into one another, redrawing them as it does so. Cleverly done. I noticed Botticelli's Venus and Leonardo's Mona Lisa among the beautiful faces. Click the title link to view this enchanting video.


At 23/8/09, Anonymous Fizza said...

Thank you very much for your kind support and help. Very much appreciated, indeed!
F. A.

At 24/8/09, Blogger Unknown said...

You're welcome, Fizza. Best of luck with the voting.

At 9/9/09, Anonymous Hasan Kazmi said...

Its a fantastic work, & wish you all the best, 100 out of 100 from my side.
Hasan Kazmi

At 9/9/09, Blogger Unknown said...

Thanks, Hasan. Fizza will be pleased.

At 10/9/09, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Fizza!

You are doing woderful job!Kep it up!I will givr u 8 out 10.


At 11/9/09, Blogger Unknown said...

Thanks on Fizza's behalf.


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