Saturday 15 March 2014

Viking Art

Why pay £16.50 to visit the British Museum's Vikings: Life and Legend when you can curl up in your armchair this evening and watch Viking Art: A Culture Show Special on BBC Two at 8.30pm (CLICK)? The one drawback is that you have to tolerate smug presenter Andrew Graham-Dixon as your tour guide to the exhibition, but maybe it will be worth it. Shown is a Viking Bracelet (CLICK).


At 15/3/14, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any arts programme these days gets avoided because of the presenter.

The art should be the star - not the person who hogs the camera. Documentaries with a pleasant voice, owner unseen, doing the narration - is far more interesting and educational.

At 15/3/14, Blogger Unknown said...

Plus explanations from the real experts, who are often far more interesting than the presenter, who just waffles.


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