Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Banksy Projections

If you're in Trafalgar Square tomorrow evening, you'll see Banksy's latest graffito projected onto Nelson's Column. His reworking of Balloon Girl (2002) wearing a headscarf (2014) will also be shown on the Eiffel Tower in Paris and on landmarks around the world. It's in aid of #withsyria, a campaign to support victims of the conflict (CLICK). On his website Banksy explains it thus:

"On the 6th March 2011 in the Syrian town of Daraa, fifteen children were arrested and tortured for painting anti-authoritarian graffiti. The protests that followed their detention led to an outbreak of violence across the country that would see a domestic uprising transform into a civil war displacing 9.3 million people from their homes." (CLICK)


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