Wednesday 12 March 2014

Johan Zoffany

Here's another painting saved for the nation by the Acceptance in Lieu (AIL) scheme administered by Arts Council England: Johan Zoffany's magnificent David Garrick and Mary Bradshaw in David Garrick’s The Farmer’s Return, commissioned by Garrick to commemorate another successful play with him in the starring role, of course. CLICK to view a larger picture. ACE has sent this painting up north to The Bowes Museum at Barnard Castle, County Durham, thanks to an application by its Keeper of Fine Art, Emma House (CLICK). Zoffany led a surprisingly adventurous life for an artist. Shipwrecked and starving, he and his fellows drew lots to see which of them would be eaten! A young sailor lost and was killed and eaten. How's that for sacrificing yourself for Art?


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