Wednesday, 22 February 2006

"Cartoons are art"

The title quote is from Oliver Preston, Chairman of the Cartoon Museum, which is officially opened by its patron, the Duke of Edinburgh, today (Wednesday). The public can enter tomorrow (Thursday) as reported by Coxsoft Art in the small hours of this morning (see previous 3 blogs in date order).
Yes! The BBC finally got its act together and posted this news after I'd searched its website and gone elsewhere to find information. Even the Cartoon Art Trust website hadn't got the opening date; it vaguely mentioned a February opening. Your ace cub reporter strikes again!
Click the link to see a handful of the 1,200 cartoons in the collection, which spans 250 years of British Mickey-taking. Be warned: there is a really offensive one by Chris Riddell of The Observer, showing a grossly obese Uncle Sam with a speech bubble that says "Global warming? Next you'll be telling us we're descended from monkeys"!
Join the queue of complainants, Yanks. No riots, please.


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