Thursday, 23 February 2006

Outrage in Iraq

Empty shell where the Bamiyan Buddha stood
The golden dome of the Samarra Mosque

The Great Mosque at Samarra - shrine, mausoleum and place of pilgrimage - is one of the gems of Islamic architecture. The destruction of its golden dome is a loss not only to Muslims, but also to the world. Although no group has claimed responsibility for the outrage, it shows the psychopathic disregard for humanity and art exhibited by those Muslim-fundamentalist barbarians who blew up the Buddha at Bamiyan and smashed centuries of Afghan heritage.
Tony Blair has suggested a financial contribution to restoring the golden dome. Good idea. Perhaps the Danes, French and Germans might like to pass round the hat too, as an olive branch for publishing certain cartoons. But the insanity of sectarian blood-letting must stop first, if it ever will. What's the point of wasting money while the fruitcakes are in charge and mob violence rules the streets?


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