Sunday, 12 February 2006

Trafalgar Square demo damp squib

"Thousands join pro-Islam protest" trumpets the BBC website, a claim also made on its TV News broadcast. Sounds great. Then you look at the IC Wales website and find the complete truth: "But the numbers were far lower than the 30,000 the organisers hoped would take part". The Police estimate 4000 to 4500 turned up. That, in my book, is a damp squib. There used to be more pigeons in Trafalgar Square before "Red Ken" caught pijpobia! The BBC TV News camerman couldn't make it look like much of a crowd; but he found two earnest and pretty Muslim girls waving Union Jack flags who declared they were proud to be British and Muslim. Isn't that sweet?. I'll buy that.
At least the demo was peaceful and didn't inflame an already fraught situation. In this it was a success. But why did BBC News need to give us what it thinks is politically correct propaganda, instead of the full truth? It should have been asking why so few turned up and who do the organisers really represent, apart from themselves.
It might also have pointed out the irony of holding an anti-cartoon demonstration outside the National Gallery, which houses the most famous cartoon of them all, by Leonardo da Vinci.
Coxsoft Art has involved itself in this debate because of the repression of the original cartoons, tacky and offensive though they are. Their repression is also tacky and offensive and denies people the right to make up their own minds. Making up your own mind is what democracy is supposed to be about, isn't it?


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