Wednesday, 8 March 2006

Pakistan blocks Blogspot

Pakistan Flag
In a footnote to a recent blog, I mentioned Pakistan as a possible source of the problems being experienced by Blogspot users last weekend. Click the title link to read the full story. In brief, Pakistani telecom authorities have ordered internet service providers across Pakistan to block websites which invite people to draw cartoons of the Prophet. It seems Pakistani telecommunications are as unsophisticated as their country's politics, because they have blocked Blogspot completely, instead of merely blocking the offending websites. To Coxsoft Art's innumerable fans in Pakistan, all I can say is "Hard cheese".
The Pakistani authorities would have done better seeking the cooperation of Google, which owns Blogspot. Google China has already proved its willingness to censor politically incorrect information.
By the way, Pakistan is seeking an international law against blasphemy. Such a law would hit the Vatican, which boasts Michelangelo's idolatrous portrait of Jesus Christ (regarded by Muslims as another of God's prophets, but not so important as THE Prophet). When will this lunacy end? And will the Pope still be preaching "respect" after Fundamentalists have blown up the Vatican?


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