Monday, 27 March 2006

Sir William Russell Flint RA

Two paintings by Sir William Russell Flint
In case you're not familiar with the work of Sir William Russell Flint RA (1880-1969) here are two of his paintings: an atypical landscape and one of his tasteful nudes. Why did I choose an atypical landscape? Because it looks like the work of my favourite watercolour artist: John Sell Cotman. Flint's watercolours tend to be softer and more impressionistic than Cotman's. The UK has a fine tradition of producing great watercolour artists. Flint was considered to be the best in his day. Cotman was arguably the best of all time.
If you come from foreign parts, RA stands for Royal Academician, which means Flint's fellow artists accepted him as one of the elite. So the UK Art Establishment can't sneer at Brits for buying his prints in sufficient numbers to put him into today's Art Top 10. He was knighted in 1947. To visit his official website, see more of his paintings and find a list of stockists of limited-edition Flint prints, click the title link.


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