Thursday, 27 April 2006

Beck's Futures 2006

Daniel Sinsel - ...Er...
Yes, it's time for all the latest pretentious tripe to crawl out of the woodwork to compete for the brewer's £20,000 prize. The finalists' work is on exhibition at the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts), The Mall, London, UK, until 14 May 2006. You can vote for your favourite, if you can find one. Sarah Kent reviewed the show for Time Out London and generally gave it the thumbs down; but she picked out Daniel Sinsel’s paintings as "finely crafted" and "exquisite", and she looked "closely" at his "portrait of a boy with an open mouth wearing a turquoise necklace..."! Sarah, luv, I hate to tell you this, but you should have put your spectacles on and taken note of the obviously plastic hairline. That "boy" isn't a portrait at all; it's one of (blush) ...doll thingies!


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