Friday, 14 April 2006

Bishop admits prayer is nonsense!

Sir Joshua Reynolds - Infant Samuel at Prayer
Here's a good one for Easter, and it's given me the perfect excuse to show Sir Joshua Reynolds' charming painting Infant Samuel at Prayer. The Church in Wales Bishop of St David's, the Right Reverend Carl Cooper, in his Easter address, attacked Noel Edmonds' belief in cosmic shopping, describing it as "nonsense". But what else is prayer but cosmic shopping? One of the most famous prayers of all time has as its second line "...Give us this day our daily bread..." Cosmic shopping! Okay, to a fat-cat bishop living in the affluent West it may not seem overly ambitious to request that one's shopping trolley has a loaf in it, but if he went to Africa, where many people face starvation just as people did in Biblical times, he might discover that prayer and cosmic shopping are the same thing. Logically, he can't deride one without deriding the other. Nice one, Bish!


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