Wednesday, 19 April 2006

Tate Net Art

Andy Deck - Screening Circle snippet
Talking of Pacman... Were we? Er...yes...see penultimate blog. This little fellow looks like one of the ghosts that haunt Pacman. Tate Net Art is offering us a computerized version of a centuries-old tradition. Get the blurb: "Screening Circle, 2006, by Andy Deck adapts the cultural tradition of the quilting circle and the participative round table into an online format for producing motion graphics." For God's sake! What a load of guff to describe what we call a "sewing circle", where a gang of gossiping women work on some common project: quilt, tapestry or whatever. I guess the Tate is aiming to be politically correct. Or maybe it doesn't want to discourage boys from trying Andy's digital quilt. Looks like it could keep the younger boys amused for hours, providing they can send their bits of quilt to eat other boys' bits, Pacman-style. Not recommended for Internet Explorer! Oh phooey!


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