Sunday, 16 April 2006

War of the Bunnies

Belligerent Bunnies
Another story bounces into the news to give us the true spirit of Easter: Commercialism. Lindt chocolateers in the Swiss corner are miffed with Hauswirth chocolateers in the Austrian corner, because they also produce golden Easter bunnies with red ribbons. Seconds out. Lawyers in. Ding-dong. Lindt wins first round. Judge raises bunny's paw. Hauswirth can't sell its bunnies, so it gives away thousands of golden Easter bunnies to Austrian kids. It's better than Maundy money. Next round June. Yes, but is it art?; I guess it's mass production using lots of bunny-shaped moulds, but someone designed them, and that took more artistic talent than stuffing a dead shark.


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