Saturday, 13 May 2006

Nigel Cooke's graffiti

Nigel Cooke - Morning is Broken (2004)
Following on from the previous blog, Time Out London's Exhibition of the Week was Nigel Cooke's graffiti A Portrait of Everything, which I have ignored until now, because what little I've seen of it makes me feel that an ASBO should be slapped on Nigel to make sure he doesn't plaster any walls in my neighbourhood with this stuff. (ASBO = Anti Social Behaviour Order; it's a Brit. thing.) But Time Out London's critic - Sarah Kent - raved about the show and awarded it 5 stars! I hope she was wearing her spectacles at the time. Nigel's exhibition, at the South London Gallery, ends tomorrow: 14 May. Nothing better to do? See what you think of Sarah's rave. Personally, I'm going to spread compost.


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