Monday, 29 May 2006

World Ice Art Championships

Beach Walker by Steve Brice & Junichi Nakamura (2006)
Time to round off our thoughts on snow and ice sculpture, prompted by the start of the Brit. summer. The bees knees in this field is Ice Alaska's World Ice Art Championships in Fairbanks, Alaska, USA, which take place at the end of February and last until mid March. The standard is extremely high. The example shown is Beach Walker by Steve Brice (USA) and Junichi Nakamura (Japan) which won 1st Place in the Realistic Category. And no, the other claw didn't drop off: that's a male fiddler crab. Click the title link to see Allure by Heather Brown and Joan Brice from the USA, which gained only 3rd Place in the Realistic Category, but won the Ivalie Cox Artists Choice Award. It's brilliant. Next year's World Ice Art Championships start on 27 February and end on 9 March. Don't fancy frostbite? Couch potato? Too busy blogging? Then sit at your computer and visit Ice Alaska to see webcams of the sculptors at work!


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