Saturday, 29 July 2006

Body Art (Brush) Winner

Raphaelle Fieldhouse - winning Brush Category entry, 3 views (2006)
Here are three views of Raphaelle Fieldhouse's winning Brush Category entry, which I've combined into a single graphic. The good thing about being an English Brit. is that you can claim as your own any winner from the other side of the Welsh border. Pity I can't write "Congratulations" in Welsh. Having been assiduously following the World Bodypainting Festival 2006 - the things I do for art! - I can report that the standard was extremely high. Other winners were Ferenc Hottya (Category Airbrush), Gabriele Hajek-Renner (Category Special Effects) and Bella Volen (World Fluoro Award). My commiserations to all those fine artists who created some brilliant artwork without gaining an award. Point of interest: I noticed that Salvador Dalí influenced more designs than any other painter. Maybe give Dalí a miss next year?


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