Sunday, 16 July 2006

EAST International 2006

Keith Farquhar - 33 Red Hooded Figures Pass Judgment
No, this isn't another design for a gentlemen's convenience. It's another of those "installation" thingies: Keith Farquhar’s 33 Red Hooded Figures Pass Judgment for EAST International 2006 at the Norwich Gallery, Norfolk, UK. Personally I think it's the best loo design so far, although 44% of Malaysians might disagree (see previous blogs). The speech bubbles say: "There’s no manual work", "The fashions change so fast". Mm.... Is that supposed to be profound? If you're in Norwich for your summer holiday, ignore this EAST nonsense and visit Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery, where'll you'll find a superb collection of watercolours by John Sell Cotman, one of my favourite Brit. artists.


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