Tuesday, 11 July 2006

Iman Maleki, world artist

Iman Maleki - Left untitled, right Wish... - with the artist's permission
Iman Maleki is one of Iran's finest artists. In 2005 he won both the William Bouguereau Award and the Chairman's Choice Award in the second International ARC Salon™ Competition. Those of you who've visited the ARC website (Art Renewal Center) will know that it promotes traditional art of the highest quality. To win two of its awards requires impressive artistic talent. Iman's new website is now up and running, and he has kindly given me permission to illustrate this blog with my choice of his paintings. I've chosen two images of children - a hard-working little boy, based on a photograph, and a wistful little girl - both of which have something to say above and beyond their quality as art. To view larger versions and more of Iman's paintings, click the title link.


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