Saturday, 15 July 2006

Greenhouse Art

Kimsooja - Breathe: Woman Mirror (2006)
Isn't it time you tarted up that boring old greenhouse or conservatory? Turf out those manky old plants, tatty benches, seed trays, dibbers and whatnot and take a leaf out of Kimsooja's book. He's a Korean artist who has transformed the Parque del Retiro's Crystal Palace in Madrid. This installation is called Breathe: Woman Mirror. All you need do is cover the floor with mirrors - you need a flat surface -, cover the windows with translucent film and add crystals to the ceiling. Bingo! You must admit the effect is rather pretty. To finish off, play your favourite music and enter. Better still, borrow some alien music from your local library: jungle noises, tropical rainstorms, Bollywood hoedowns.


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