Wednesday, 23 August 2006

E-mail Scam Warning!

Fake bank logo received in e-mailDon't you just hate those stupid dinosaurs of companies which refuse to give you an e-mail address? The Aussie bank with a solid English name, Clydesdale Bank PLC, is one such dinosaur. I wanted to inform the bank that I received an e-mail which used its logo and demanded "Validate Your Account Information"! No chance. Okay, the bank doesn't want this information, so I'll make it public instead. This could be a Nigerian Mafia scam, except it's far more literate and convincing than usual. Don't be fooled. Report it to your ISP and send details so they can track it down. Oh Clydesdale, you haven't been sending your old PC's to "underdeveloped countries", have you? The primitive natives probably know more about computers than your management does!


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