Saturday, 19 August 2006

Photogold Interactive

Jack Vettriano - Dancer For MoneyPhotogold, which flogs limited edition prints by UK artists Jack Vettriano, Beryl Cook and others, has linked up with Sky Interactive TV to reach Sky's 8 million subscribers glued to their goggle boxes. The aim is to get these couch potatoes to buy art by pressing a button, probably the only way you can persuade them to buy anything, apart from the weekly shop at Tesco, when they load up with the essentials of life: beer, TV snacks, smokes, bog rolls, TV guides and jumbo packets of crisps. As Jack Vettriano earns £500,000 a year from his prints, I don't suppose he's fussed whether the couch potatoes can reach the buy button without help from the district nurse, but I guess every little helps. Beryl Cook's witty paintings should do well, because most of her characters look like couch potatoes. It'll be love at first sight.


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