Friday, 18 August 2006

Now for Real Art

Peter Sorrell - When all hope is gone, I think of you with no clothes onI recently visited Spectrum London's website in search of two new exhibitions, one by The Stuckists, the other by Cheryl Brooks, who strips backgrounds from Renaissance paintings and overlays a figure cut from a photo. The amateurs in the Worth1000 art competitions are vastly more skilful at this sort of thing than she is. And I couldn't find enough works by The Stuckists to make a judgement. So I browsed and found two superb artists from past exhibitions: Andrei Zadorine and Peter Sorrell. Sorrell's nude is one of the best I've seen by a living artist, and I enjoyed his poetic title:
When all hope is gone
I think of you with no clothes on
His metre is a bit dodgy, but I know the feeling. Click the title link to view an online gallery of works by these two artists.


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