Friday, 29 September 2006

Daft Quote on Design

Designer Chairs in Trafalgar Square (2006)According to BBC London, Tom Dixon's giving away 500 expanded polystyrene chairs in Trafalgar Square was one of the highlights of this year's London Design Festival. So much for the rest of it! Generous Mr Dixon said "Making a polystyrene chair has given me the opportunity to fulfill an ambition to make design available to all". Who does this bighead think he is? If you visit a supermarket to buy a can of beans, you're on the receiving end of a production line of design: the can, the label, the logo, the supermarket trolley, the plastic bag.... Need I go on? In our society, design is everywhere. You can't escape it. But of course all these everyday items aren't as important as the arty-farty stuff Mr Dixen designs! Tell it to Tesco, Tom. Anyway, let's not be too negative about the London Design Festival. According to the latest Anholt-GMI City Brands Index Survey (February 2006) London is the world’s favourite brand city. Cor, luv a duck!


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