Sunday, 10 September 2006

60 years of Brit. Art

What's this mess? Click the title link to find out.Here's something truly embarrassing for the UK. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Arts Council Collection, the Hayward Gallery, London, presents How to Improve the World: 60 years of British Art. Groan! This promises to be 60 years of dire tripe. Worse! It's 60 years of wasting taxpayers' money. Andy Goldsworthy is the only worthwhile artist I know of whose works have been added to the Arts Council Collection. Will any of his photos be on show? The Hayward doesn't tell us. Its website is typical Anti Art dross. Admission £5 and no concessions! And it's UK taxpayers who are paying for all this! We should be allowed to see for free what is being bought with our money. The exhibition opened on 7 September and continues until 19 November 2006. Let's hope some of our politicians visit it and decide to axe Arts Council funds.


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