Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Fra Angelico's Found!

Fra Angelico - Two Panels from an Altarpiece (1439)Two panels from an altarpiece painted by Fra Angelico in 1439 for St Marco Church and convent in Florence, have been found in a pensioner's spare room in the UK! These panels disappeared when the altarpiece was dismantled during the Napoleonic wars. The pensioner - now deceased - bought them for about £200 in the 1960's. Michael Liversidge, a former Bristol University art history expert and friend of the deceased, found the paintings hanging behind a door. Despite being a friar painting holy works, Fra Angelico was a bit of a lad who got into trouble for making a nun pregnant. Click the title link for the official BBC News version!


At 15/11/06, Blogger Brenda said...

Do we know the identity of these two saints?

At 15/11/06, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Hi, Brenda
I don't know them, and I've read the BBC News article (title link) and a later item on Art News Blog (sidebar links). Art News Blog found a better photo with the saints handheld to show how small they are. It's probably going to take an expert to track them down. It might help if they are reunited with the main section of the altarpiece.


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