Tuesday, 21 November 2006

Stroppy Christians update

Nadia's CrossNadia Eweida of Twickenham, London, has put her foot down over British Airways' refusal to allow her to wear her cross openly. (She is allowed to wear it under her BA uniform, but she wants to display it.) She argues that BA allows Muslim employees to wear headscarves and Sikhs to wear turbans; so why ban her cross? Because, say BA, it's jewellery. Today she lost her appeal, but another is pending. Dr John Sentamu, Archbishop of York, has waded in on Nadia's behalf, calling the BA ruling "nonsense". The problem is, only Christian clergy are entitled to wear official silly hats. So here's a design challenge: create a unisex silly hat with a cross on it for Christians to wear at work, so they can have equality with Muslims, Sikhs and Jews.
Footnote: the watchdog of London's Wandsworth Prison has warned of potentially explosive rivalry between opposing Muslim factions among its prisoners! When will a UK political party have the guts to propose a ban on teaching religion in our schools? It's the only way to begin to curb all this crippling, socially-divisive mental illness.


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