Saturday 9 December 2006

Daily Mail Backlash

Christmas Card - Meerkats (2006)Today's Daily Mail tries to whip up a furore about the lack of nativity scenes and trumpet-blowing angels on this year's Christmas cards. It shows this amusing card of meerkats in party hats as a dire warning about the way things are going. (Caption: It was obvious from the police line-up who had robbed the off-licence.) We've lost the real meaning of Christmas and it's all the fault of political correctness, wails the Mail. Nonsense. It's supply and demand. Nowadays, how many people want to send embarrassing, badly painted, superstitious cards? The modern trend reflects the finding that 75% of Brits accept Darwin's theory of Evolution and reject the fairy story of Creationism. It's time somebody reminded the Mail that Christians stole this festival from the ancient Romans. It celebrates Bacchus and still does, even if only by a token chocolate liqueur after the Xmas pud. That reminds me.


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