Friday 8 December 2006

Turner's Rigi - Update

JMW Turner - Dark Rigi and Blue Rigi (1840s)In June, Coxsoft Art reported the sale of JMW Turner's Blue Rigi to an anonymous foreigner for £5.8m, a record for a British watercolour. A temporary export ban was slapped on the painting to give the Tate time to raise the £4.95m needed to buy it for the UK. The Dark Rigi went to the National Gallery of Art in Washington for £2.7m this year. The National Gallery of Melbourne owns the Red Rigi. So if the Blue goes, the UK will be Rigiless. In order to drum up cash for its cause, Tate Britain has arranged to borrow the Dark and the Red and put all three paintings on display from 22 January to 25 March 2007. This could be the last time we have the chance to view all three Rigis on home turf.


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