Sunday 31 December 2006

Dreams for London

Dreams for London projection (2006)Storm-lashed Britain is being forced to cancel many of its New Year's Eve celebrations, but the old Metrop. soldiers on. Dreams for London will be screened in ginormous video on the side of the Shell Building on the South Bank, showing children from Johanna Primary School, Lambeth, confiding their hopes and ambitions for the future. At a guess, most of the boys want to be footballers and the girls want to be cute. The best of luck! The cost of Dreams? £1.5 million! Are these kids movie stars or what? £1.5 million for a home video! The sooner we sack Red Ken the better. We can't afford him. At midnight the kiddie show gives way to fireworks at the London Eye, if the blue touch paper isn't soggy.


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