Monday 1 January 2007

Coxsoft Art Competition

I.C. - Five Beauties (2007)Artistic representations of female beauty are becoming so realistic in computer graphics and in other media that I'm beginning to wonder if the real thing is on the verge of becoming obsolete. Would-be fathers won't agree, but what goddess do they envisage when mustering the strength to jump on the overweight slob of a wife? (As the father of two, I must admit Bridget Bardot and Jane Fonda were two of my favourites; bit dated now, of course. The slob is long gone, by the way. I'm free!) Anyway, here's the competition: only one of the above images of female beauty - all from 2006 - is a photo of a flesh-and-blood woman. Which is it? The images are numbered. Post the number of the true photo as a comment. (You need to join Blogger to leave a comment on Coxsoft Art News, but that's easy and you don't need to create a blog; just be a member.) No prizes. This is just for fun. I'll post the answer next week.


At 2/1/07, Blogger weggis said...

1. looks like it might come from the Star Wars game.
2. Would a real woman let such a scrawny neck be photographed.
3. Looks like Britney, but not quite right.
4. Looks like the tomb raider girl
5. Would a graphic designer create lips like that?

Complete guess - 5

At 2/1/07, Blogger Unknown said...

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