Friday 5 January 2007

Pete Panse Update 2

Photo of Pete PanseThe Hearing Officer's decision in the case of Pete Panse - the New York art teacher suspended more than a year ago for having suggested that his advanced students should be allowed to enter figure drawing classes - is "imminent" (email from Pete). Personnel Director Ellen Kaplan seems to have decided it was a good career move to try to disgrace Pete. She was found to have withheld important evidence from the Hearing Officer and from Pete’s defence lawyer! Much of her evidence appears to be suspect. Following orders or doing her own thing? It seems to Coxsoft Art News that the local Board of Education has been keen to pervert the course of justice in this case, in order to justify it's idiotic decision to suspend a good teacher.


At 5/1/07, Blogger weggis said...

Well Coxsoft. You now know what to do if you want some time off.

At 6/1/07, Blogger Unknown said...

I don't think I'd fancy all the legal hassles and false allegations that go with it. Still, if your artistic little cherub wants a male model for a life class, I'm free.


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