Friday, 16 February 2007

Face of Fashion

Combined Photos, left: Desiree Dolron - Xteriors XIII; right: Kate Moss poster for Face of FashionYesterday, the National Portrait Gallery in London opened its new show Face of Fashion, which continues until 28 May 2007. Not being a rich fatso with a large carbon footprint, I've never been able to figure out why Kate Moss's skinny haggard waif attained supermodel status. Maybe she's a nice girl to work with. I've combined Kate's photo (right) with a brilliant photographic portrait by Desiree Dolron: Xteriors XIII, on exhibition at Madrid's International Contemporary Art Fair, which the King of Spain opened recently (CLICK). As Brit. lager louts don't visit museums on their hols in Spain, I'll say no more about that. Just compare the Face of Fashion with Desiree's gorgeous, aloof, anonymous model, a classical portrait by an artist with a camera.


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