Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Happy Birthday, Judge

Judge DreddCult comic 2000AD and its hero Judge Dredd hit their 30th birthday this year. To help them celebrate, Finlo Rohrer has written an interesting article for BBC News Magazine (title link). The big surprise for me was that 2000AD is a British comic! Its self-assured art, huge motorcycles, flashy uniforms and right-wing stance had convinced me it was American. But now I see the truth: that hellhole Mega City One is London 2007! Security cameras everywhere, muggers and vandals round every corner, fanatical Muslims primed to explode, schoolgirls wielding knives, armed police, stop-and-search, on-the-spot fines, police helicopters searchlighting burglars at night, carjackings, ghettos simmering with revolt, schoolboys shot dead in their beds.... Of course it's London. Welcome to Mega City One!


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