Monday, 19 March 2007

Another Schoolboy Slain

R.I.P. Adam (2007)Sunday was a dreadful Mother's Day for at least one east London family. Late on Saturday night, 15-year-old schoolboy Adam Regis was fatally stabbed while returning from an evening at the cinema. He died an hour and a half later in Newham General Hospital, from stab wounds to the chest and abdomen. Two black hoodies are being sought for his murder. With all due respect to the family, this sort of crime has become so common that Coxsoft Art will stop reporting it. My neighbourhood - not a ghetto - is regularly vandalised. Theft is committed in daylight and the thieves stroll on, joking among themselves. I've seen it. And where are our police? Tea break? Filling in forms? Foreigners, just take it as read that crime is out of control in Britain and that the slaughter of schoolboys is merely one aspect of it. Our politically correct society has raised a generation of psychopaths. And we're not even allowed to classify them as psychopaths until they become adult!


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