Thursday, 15 March 2007

Commodore Resurrected

Arty Commodore Gaming PC (2007)Blast from the past! Remember the Commodore PET? the VIC 20? the C64? the Amiga? If not, ask Grandpa. He was waiting half an hour for a cassette tape of China Miner to load into his C64 before you were born. Believe it or not, the Commodore C64 remains the best-selling computer of all time, with 17 million units sold worldwide! Today, the Commodore brand was relaunched at Cebit. The new Commodores will be high-powered PC's configured for optimal games playing. And here's the art angle (if you need one): punters can have the cases of their machines painted with one of nearly 100 designs. Commodore hopes to encourage artists to submit more designs.


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