Saturday, 17 March 2007

Mega City One Update

Kodjo YengaThinking of ghettos (next post down) here's the latest victim of the teenage slaughter on London streets: Kodjo Yenga, a 16 year-old who was stabbed through the heart. Note his African name. I mentioned in an earlier post that there is no love lost between London's West Indians and its African immigrants. What makes this murder so shocking is that the gang chased Kodjo into a desirable middle-class avenue before killing him! The Fuzz have tried to reassure residents that there are no gangs in their area. "Oh yeah?" sneer black teenagers from the neighbouring ghettos. They're more street-wise than our cops! Here's a thought for the English bourgeoisie to chew on: Could its abolition-of-slave-trade commemorations be stirring strife in the ghettos?


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