Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Party in Lloyd Park

Since my last blog on the threat to the William Morris Gallery (CLICK) local residents have set up their own campaign website (title link). They've organized a party and picnic in Lloyd Park, where the Gallery stands, to celebrate the birthday of William Morris on Saturday 24 March, from noon until 3pm. The more people who attend the better. I've also received replies to the emails I sent Neil Gerrard MP and a number of officials. Mr Gerrard is "very concerned" and will express his concerns to the Council. The emails from officials support the Council's point of view about a beloved local attraction, but fail to acknowledge Morris as the leading light of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, which was the most important artistic revolution in England since the Italian Renaissance reached our shores. They seem to view Morris as a rather nice wallpaper designer! The Yanks know more about Morris! The USA has its own William Morris Society (CLICK). For an excellent potted history of Morris and links to other websites, visit Legends (CLICK). To see more of his beautiful stained-glass windows, CLICK. One correction to my original post: the Gallery will be open Saturdays and Sundays.


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