Thursday, 12 April 2007

Olympic Carbon Footprint

I.C. - Olympic Games 2012 Carbon Footprint (2007)Hardly a day goes by without BBC London News giving us another story about the 2012 Olympic Games. Yesterday it was Red Ken promising £11m to train east enders for building-site work. Thanks, Ken, but I don't fancy becoming a brickie. The day before, it was unexploded bombs from World War II on the site. And the cost goes up and up and up. Together with millions of other Londoners, I'm paying for it. Why? So Big Mac can make a fortune selling burgers in the new stadium. Great. Just what I needed. The one story everyone has overlooked is the cost to the environment. Think of all those jumbo jets, blazing lights, fireworks, Muslim bombers and big macs. How vast is the Olympic Games 2012 carbon footprint going to be? All our politicians, including Red Ken, are pretending to be Green, but none of them has even suggested cancelling this wasteful and costly jamboree which big business has foisted on us.


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