Friday, 20 April 2007

Countryfile Photo Comp

Sheep in Spring (a 2006 finalist, photographer not credited by BBC)The BBC Countryfile Photography Competition is back again, This year's theme is the cliché "All creatures great and small". Groan! Photos "should be taken in the UK and have the natural world or the countryside at their heart". Er ... landfill sites? ... wind farms? ... fly-tipping ... unwanted and useless immigrants - legal and illegal - despoiling our parks and woodlands with their makeshift campsites? Summer hasn't begun, but already endangered species have been fried to a crisp on nature reserves in England and Wales. The dramatic decline of London's sparrow population correlates with the introduction of mobile phone masts (CLICK). Come on, Countryfile. Our land is in such dire straits that a rosy hymn to disappearing UK wildlife is out of touch. Time for a hard-hitting theme about conservation.


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