Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Irish Badger Cull Fiasco

Alfred Bestall - Rupert Bear & Bill BadgerAs a child, I greatly enjoyed the charming illustrations of Alfred Bestall. As an adult, I still regard him as having been one of the UK's finest illustrators of children's books. His speciality was the Daily Express's Rupert Bear, seen here with chum Bill Badger. Bit of a toff, Bill, with his bow tie, Eton collar, bum-freezer jacket, striped trousers and yellow waistcoat. Now he's in trouble. The Brit. badger desperately needs our help. Misguided farmers are demanding a badger cull, due to the myth that badgers spread bovine TB. In Ireland, the badger has been virtually exterminated to safeguard Irish cattle. With what result? Ireland has twice as many cattle infected with bovine TB as we do in the UK (title link). Yet Government is prepared to kill our badgers! To sign a petition against this lunacy, CLICK.


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