Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Art4Heart ArtVoter

ArtVoter Logo 150x150 (2007)The latest Art4Heart newsletter is a special issue setting out its new online art community to try to raise the profile of art on the Web: ArtVoter. Once registered, you can post links to your favourite articles, blogs, news stories or art websites. Other members try your links and vote for them. The most popular will be listed. You can also download various ArtVoter logos to post on your website, such as the one shown, which I've changed from a 40Kb JPG file to a 3Kb GIF. Coxsoft Art News already has two votes (not me; honest) and needs a third. Go on. Homer Simpson's giant Y-fronts must be worth voting for. (I posted that story last night. It didn't get splashed on BBC News' front page until this morning.)


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