Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Bibi Freeman, Winner

Bibi Freeman's award-winning entry and Bibi holding the Facepainting Trophy (photo Cat Finlayson) July 2007Following yesterday's post on the results of the World Bodypainting Festival® 2007, here's Bibi Freeman's award-winning entry plus a photo of Bibi receiving her trophy. No thanks to those Austrians (not Germans, I'm told) who run the festival and who credit the photographers, not the artists. These photos were kindly sent to me by Bibi. Stunning entry with a roulette wheel showing currency symbols and real dice blending into painted 3D dice, making a dollar shape that leads to painted 3D money "tucked" into the model's bra. Great illusion. Bibi teaches face painting in London as well as demonstrating her art. To contact her at Facepaint-UK, click the title link. Thanks, Bibi. Well done.


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