Monday, 23 July 2007

Deckchair Dreams

Giancarlo Neri - Deckchair Dreams Design (2007)Imagine the Deluge hasn't fallen on Britain, half the Midlands isn't underwater, thousands of homes aren't flooded, journalists and cameramen aren't hogging every spare helicopter to record the disaster, and a surge of runoff isn't pouring down the Thames to threaten the outskirts of London. Share the Royal Parks' fantasy of a Brit. summer: Deckchair Dreams. Click the title link to vote for your favourite deckchair design by a famous person and hope the clever-dick website doesn't mess up, which it did for me when I tried to vote. Here's my favourite: Giancarlo Neri's witty and imaginative image of two globes of light resting in deckchairs in Space, obviously an alien couple. God and the Missus?


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