Saturday, 21 July 2007

Gayle Chong Kwan

Gayle Chong Kwan beside To The Centre Of The Earth (2007)Never mind the art; view the artist. If you're young, female, beautiful and prepared to bare a shoulder for the press, do you need talent? Pop singers don't. Movie stars don't. Here's the artist Gayle Chong Kwan leaning beside her art. Make up your own mind which you prefer to look at. Her paintings (three) plaster the walls of Southwark and London Bridge tube stations as part of London Underground's Platform For Art nonsense. According to the blurb, To The Centre Of The Earth is about food. "To The Bowels" would have been a better title. By the way, if you trip over a pile of sand at Gloucester Road Station, sue Brian Griffiths. It's his art installation: Life is a Laugh.


At 14/1/11, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bit harsh.

At 15/1/11, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

She is beautiful, but I hate to see public money wasted on tripe that shows no artistic talent. London Underground treats its staff like the enemy and claims to lack funds, but it can always find money to waste on daft art projects. Let's have air condition, more reliable trains and better service before money is wasted on bosses' ego trips.


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