Tuesday, 17 July 2007

More Automotive Art

Daniel Power - Sun Goddess Mk II airbrushed XR8 (2007)Whatever happened to the Yanks? They were the world leaders in custom automotive art years ago. Now all the top automotive artists seem to be Australians. This magnificent example of custom airbrushing on a car bonnet - Sun Goddess Mk II - is from Kreative Power, a leading airbrush studio in Melbourne, owned by award-winning artist Daniel Power. Click the title link to visit his online gallery of fantasy art: Terminator, Freddy Kruger, Lord of the Rings, Alien v. Predator, Hellboy....


At 18/7/07, Blogger weggis said...

Have you seen our local example? My retired craft teacher mate who lives round the corner. He has a 30 year old Morris 1000 which he has converted into a two-seater truck. He did have the "flames" but he won a competition for a free paint job and now its a chequered flag design.

No? You must get out more Coxsoft. yesteday I was in the Great Spoon of Ilford. One wall down the left hand side is full of book shelves and BOOKS! Someone found one they were interested in and asked if they could buy it. Oh just put 10p in the charity box they said.

Are boozers the "new" libraries?

At 19/7/07, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Libraries are the new Internet cafes, so why not boozers as the new libraries? Pity you can't smoke in either of them.


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