Sunday, 16 September 2007

Algarve Hell Hole

Missing Joana Cipriano (poster) and her Mother's eyes following a Portuguese Police investigation!My apologies for posting this shocking image, but it indicates what the Portuguese police have in mind for Kate McCann. On the left you see another pretty little girl who went missing in the Algarve and who has never been found. On the right you see her mother's eyes after detectives had allegedly beaten her into confessing that she had killed her own daughter. They claim the mother fell down a flight of stairs! Oh yeah? There is no way those blackened eyes are consistent with a fall down a flight of stairs. They are obviously the result of a savage beating. The victim is now serving a 16-year prison sentence for having supposedly murdered her own daughter! And who is implicated in the cover-up? Chief Inspector Goncalo Amaral, one of the two senior detectives in joint charge of investigating the abduction of Madeleine McCann! Leonor Cipriano also ran an annoying poster campaign in hope of finding her missing child. But I suspect that the motive for Portuguese police crimes lies deeper than mere annoyance. It is becoming manifest that there is a paedophile ring in the Algarve, and the sooner those detectives' homes are raided, the sooner Madeleine will be found. Click the title link to read the full horror story in today's The Mail On Sunday.


At 11/10/07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read about the case of Joanna Cipriano and i think that it was a murder. Her blood was found in the freezer (which the mother explained with nose bleeding!!!) the mother was also having an affair with her brother and was neglecting her children. The story is totally different and i think there is no way it is comparable in anything to the story of Maddie.

At 11/10/07, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Neither of us can be certain whether or not Leonor Cipriano killed her own daugher; but, if the police had a cast-iron case against her, why did they put her conviction at risk by spending 48 hours beating her to a pulp to coerce her into signing a confession? Just for the sadistic fun of it? In any decent country, a confession extracted by violence would prompt a retrial, because the conviction would be deemed "unsafe", which it certainly is.
No similarities between that case and Maddie's case? 1. Neither child has been found, alive or dead. 2. Both mothers ran poster campaigns to publicize the daughter's abduction. (Why risk antagonizing the police if you're guilty?) 3. The blood "evidence" in the freezer strikes me as being similar to the drop of blood in Maddie's bedroom and the alleged hairs in the boot of the McCann's hired car. Such "evidence" is open to misinterpretation, which is why the police case against the McCanns is hopeless. Only by beating Kate to a pulp to extract a false confession could they hope to gain a conviction! Just as in the case of Leonor Cipriano.
Have you noticed that a second senior detective has recently been removed from the McCann case? He's due to stand trial for beating up an innocent suspect and breaking one of his limbs!
I wouldn't trust those scumbags of Portuguese police as far as I could throw them, and I firmly believe Leonor Cipriano deserves a retrial.
And where are the missing children? Who are the police protecting? A rich paedophile or themselves? Both, is my guess.

At 9/1/10, Anonymous Robert Argiz said...

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At 10/1/10, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Hi, Robert

Thanks for the invitation. I'll check out your website later today.


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