Monday, 24 September 2007

Sex in Trafalgar Square

Billie Piper as Belle De Jour (2007)Last Saturday I published a facetious blog suggesting that the Royal Academy of Arts or Tate Modern should recreate the Amsterdam red-light district as performance art (CLICK). On Sunday I discovered that Emma Thompson, Anish Kapoor and Michael Howells had beaten me to this idea (sort of). They've set up an "art installation" of six containers in London's Trafalgar Square to illuminate the evils of sex trafficking in the UK: Journey. (Blame it all on Brussels and the European Union.) As I couldn't find any photos of this week-long "art installation", here's a charming publicity photo of Billie Piper dressed for her latest role as - guess what - a prostitute: Belle De Jour. Can't say she looks trafficked to me; more like a footballer's wife.


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