Monday, 24 September 2007

Sexy in Trafalgar Square

Sexy? so-called Art Installation (2007)BBC London News has pulled a sneaky on me. It's updated its Sunday item on Journey, adding a new graphic Sexy? to replace the photo of Emma Thompson it showed yesterday. As you can see, the "art" inappropriately parked outside the National Gallery is crude, and so is the emotive propaganda. It doesn't stir my sympathy. These girls volunteer to enter Britain illegally, in hope of stealing a better life. That makes them criminals. So they are exploited by even nastier criminals. Hard cheese. London is snowed under with immigrants, legal and illegal. Our social services are snowed under. So are our police. So are our medical services. Our prisons are full. We can't cope. We haven't the homes for this influx. A huge housing programme to accommodate them all will crush London's Green Belt and swamp the surrounding countryside. Life won't be worth living here if that happens. I don't care what these prostitutes' hard-luck story is; deport them.


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