Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Anubis Visits London

Statue of Anubis, God of the DeadOo-er, it's Anubis, ancient Egyptian god of the dead, making his way up the Thames on the deck of a cargo ship. The five-tonne statue is 25 feet tall (to hell with those metric thingies; the EU let us off the hook a week or so ago) and Tower Bridge needed to be raised to let its ears through. It will be installed in Trafalgar Square to guide all those starving pigeons in the after-life (the local council has banned feeding them). Its lessor function is to promote Tutankhamun And The Golden Age Of The Pharaohs, the inaugural exhibition at the O2 Bubble - formerly the Millennium Dome - from 15 November 2007 to 30 August 2008 (CLICK). Adult tickets £15.00 to £20.


At 3/3/08, Anonymous Babs Ibitoye said...

It is a shame that the city of London has now fallen prey to the lures of a Satanic god of the dead.

I am sure King James must be turning in his grave and it it no wonder that a number of residents living along the direct reach of the river Thames and those whose homes are being supplied with water originating from the Thames have reported ill health since Anubis walked over their water supplies. No wonder also that London recently experienced an earthquake after hundreds of years without one (take note, our real and living God must be angry!)Youth violence on youths continue with a youth killed in London each week and there seems to be no end to the misery of citizens and residents. Read your bible (revelations) to discover the advent of the anti-christ. God save us all (amen)

At 3/3/08, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Hi, Babs

Thanks for your interesting comment. You missed out on Chinese mitten crabs, tuberculosis, grey squirrels, American crayfish, Japanese knotweed and mad Muslim bombers, all of which invaded London long before Anubis cruised up the Thames.

I blame British stupidity, Government, the European Union, greed, religion and foreigners for most of it. But I voted for Tony Blair and Red Ken when they first came to power, so I must accept my small share of responsibility. Never again!

At 8/4/10, Anonymous Anonymous said...

First, I am an American, a veteran of the Armed Forces. I have Degrees in both History and World Religions, with an emphesis on Central and Eastern Europe/Russian language and culture, and in religion, the Near and Middle East ( This includes the Old and New Testaments and the Dead Sea Scrolls). Upon reading some of the posts concerning Anubis visiting London I was shocked. I have always felt that the people of the UK were far more educated and enlightened than what I am reading. This is the sort of thing I would expect to see published in the United States by some backwater Baptist Church newspaper. I really do not wish to step on anyone's toes, but the passing of that statue over your waterways did not curse your water. Reality bytes :). The world is going through tough economic and political times right now, but to let this manifest itself into superstitious mumbo jumbo isn't what the world needs right now. Believe me, it isn't only in your country, it's worse here with the "tea parties" and a "millenialist" type mania manifesting among the ignorant in the United States as we grow closer to 2012. It just happens that I am at this time listening to a webcast with a rather disturbed individual ranting about the statue of Anubis somehow profaning the statue of liberty that you have boardering the Thames. Must I remind you of your own history; during the 19th century it was all the rage in the UK to have some type of Egyptian artifact? The only worry I have about 2012 and gods of the ancient world is mankind's ability at self-fulfilling prophecy. You should feel fortunate that the city of London has the opportunity to view this ancient piece of world history and religion.

At 10/4/10, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

My write-up on this overpriced event was very much tongue in cheek. Have you no sense of humour?


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