Monday, 22 October 2007

Wulf the Briton

I can't find one graphic of Wulf The Briton on the Internet, but the high-quality artwork was by Ron Embleton (1930-1988). For this, his first full-colour comic strip, he used oil paints! Published by Express Weekly in 1957, two years before Asterix the Gaul, Wulf the Briton follows the adventures of Wulf, Basta and Greatorix as they fight Roman invaders. Sound familiar? I've illustrated this post with Ron's cover art for Hadrian's Wall In The Days Of The Romans by Ronald Embleton and Frank Graham, self-published by Frank Graham in 1998 (CLICK for a bargain at £20).


At 2/5/11, Blogger Peter Richardson said...

Ron Embleton's method of working on Wulf the Briton was to lightly pencil each page of artwork and then apply colored inks, finally adding the black key lines and dropped shadows and using body paint to add fine highlights where appropriate.

Each page was worked up 50% larger than the published size on a "Not Surface" illustration board - usually Reeves or Rowney fashion board.

There is now quite a lot of images from Wulf the Briton out there on the net as well as a complete collection of all the strips recently published by Book Palace Books.

At 2/5/11, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Hi, Peter

Many thanks for this useful information. It's 4 years since I wrote this post. I'll do another Google to see what I can find.

At 3/5/11, Blogger Peter Richardson said...

I can readily appreciate your observation. I was so frustrated by the absence of any real record of this strip that I blogged about it and even ran a year's worth of the strips, as a result of which I was invited to produce a book on Wulf.

It actually ate up far more time than I originally envisioned but at the end of the exercise I certainly know a lot more about the artist and his work methods and am even more impressed with his achievements as a result.

At 4/5/11, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Hi again, Peter

I can imagine the amount of work entailed. I spent a whole morning researching this simple post. An online acqaintance sent me a few graphics he'd found.

Is your book on Wulf the Briton published? It sounds well worth a post. I'll try Fantastic Fiction. That's better than Amazon on a lot of subjects.


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